Microfibre wipes and mops that remove Corona from surfaces

Everything we do grows from a constant dialogue with our customers. Based on more than 60 years experience we are experts in the needs, challenges and conditions within professional cleaning. This experience allows us to develop products and offer cleaning solutions that exceed our customers‘ expectations and make their daily work easier, more efficient and safer.

Now we are delighted to announce that the outstanding cleaning performance of our leading microfibre wipes and mops has been scientifically proven by an Independent test institute: One microfibre mop and four microfibre wipes remove up to 99.99% of bovine corona virus from surfaces*
The single use microfibre mop (MicroOne Premium) removes up to 99,99% of bovine corona virus from any surface*. Four microfibre wipes including both single-use (MicronSolo and SafePlus MicronRoll) and machine washable (MicronQuick and MicroTuff Swift) formats with each wipe removing up to 99,86% of bovine corona virus from any surface*. Let’s take a closer look at the performance of each product: 

MicroOne Premium is a single-use microfibre mop proven to remove 99.99% of viruses from surfaces*. They are available in 40cm pocket, 40cm Velcro and 50cm Swep Duo versions and offer up to 30% extra floor coverage than comparable single-use mops.

MicronQuick is machine washable and proven to remove 99.86% of viruses from surfaces*. It is made from our finest microfibres that guarantee superior and lint-free cleaning results – ideal for pre-preparation methods to saving chemicals, water and time.  
MicroTuff Swift is machine washable and proven to remove 99.86% of viruses from surfaces*. The durable knitted microfibre wipe is made from extra fine microfibres that provide a very high cleaning performance and particle absorption. Each wipe is highly absorbent and excellent for spillages. 
MicronSolo & SafePlus MicronRoll are single use microfibre wipes and proven to remove 99.99% of viruses from surfaces*. They combine a superior cleaning performance with excellent absorbency and are available on roll or as single wipes.

All five products are available colour coded in four colours to increase hygiene and minimize risk of cross contamination. 
We are the first to offer you scientifically tested products because we believe that the higher the level of hygiene that we all maintain, the faster we can leave this crisis behind.  
* Contact Vileda Professional for the full test report ​​​​​​​