Cooperation that takes you
from good to great

Of course our products and systems are easy to learn and use. But we can promise you even better results by working together to analyse your needs and propose the solutions that fits the best.

You are the expert in cleaning your site, but if you want to get maximum ROI from your cleaning equipment, we are more than happy to share our experiences. Our aim is for you to get the maximum performance out of equipment and personnel.

1 Listen. Step 1 is to gather all the necessary information about the cleaning tasks and the contract/assignment conditions.

2 Analysis/suggestions. After analysing all data collected, we make a proposal that is optimal with respect to both the level of investment and expected financial outcome.

3 Training. Based on the proposed solution, we work out a training package that will help your staff to translate theory into practical cleaning.

4 Implementation. Time for the moment of truth! Now we check that the products are used in the correct way and that they clean effectively and cost efficiently.

5 Support. No matter what kind of support you need during the contract period, we are there to help you! To be more effective, reduce your total cleaning costs or strengthen your chances in winning new contracts.